How It Works

PKA Micro-Needle Proprietary Technology

The PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle incorporates innovative design combined with an ingenious mechanism to achieve simple, painless drug delivery between the skin layers.

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The overall product design is simple, functional, and easy to use

How the Micro-Needle Works

This innovative pain-free Micro-Needle technology uses a precisely manufactured, hair-like, thin needle that can penetrate the skin to within the depth of a 1-2 millimeter thick skin layer.

  • The needle does not penetrate the nerve endings, thereby causing no pain.
  • The injected drug is then carried to the bloodstream by the interstitial fluid between
  • the skin layers.
  • Thereby offering the potential for improving drug bioavailability and reducing injection pain, as well as tissue damage.
  • We fabricate the needle, and it is explicitly mounted in the center of the device to ensure a 90° angle delivery to prevent the obstruction of the injection channel while
  • penetrating the skin.

Based upon an exhaustive review, we found nothing currently on the market similar to the PKA SoftTouch pain-free Micro-Needle in design or concept.

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