PKA SoftTouch Represents Excellent Investment Opportunity

North American Injectable Drug Delivery Market is expected to reach USD 354.5 billion by 2024 from USD 154 billion in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 11.0% in the forecast period 2017 to 2024 according to Data Bridge.

PKA SoftTouch’s revenue generation will be largely attributable to the continued growth of the injectable drug market, which is growing at double-digit Compound Annual Growth Rate rates.


The pain-free Micro-Needle addresses the increasing need to self-administer drugs in a painless, safe, cost-effective and easy-to-use manner. This is especially important for an aging population.

The device reduces the need of having expensive health professionals to administer the drugs.


The device is extremely cost-effective. The cost of the device is equal to that of the regular syringe with a vial of drug. The painless application will enhance a drug company’s penetration into the syringe market. 

It’s easy to visualize current self-injectors switching over to a pain free injection at the same or lower cost.


There are numerous injectable drug markets that can be enhanced by the painless technology and that will sustain PKA for long term growth.

Typically, the PKA Micro-Needle is suitable for injectable drugs such as insulin, heparin, morphine, vaccines, pain medications, wart treatment, TB testing, etc.


PKA SoftTouch, Micro-Needle technology has already been approved to work in earlier clinical trials, with new trials needed for the generation VI device as the micro-needle device has been upgraded (changed). Once all clinical trials are successfully completed, compatibility studies are done, and regulatory approvals obtained, the device will be ready for commercialization. PKA SoftTouch, in collaboration with South Rideau Health Centre, is developing the protocols for proof of concept clinical trials for insulin used for diabetes control. South Rideau Health Centre in New Market is widely known in North America and lends high credibility to our technology.

Not only does PKA SoftTouch have its own intellectual property, but it also has access to world-class scientific, medical and technical experts with a track record of innovation.

The PKA SoftTouch patented Micro-Needle will be a market interrupter by changing the way drugs are delivered and administered into the body. This is a product with strong growth potential.