The pain caused by daily injections of life-saving medications is the unfortunate reality for millions of people and animals worldwide. 

The PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle addresses the increasing need to administer drugs and vaccines in a painless, safe, cost-effective and easy-to-use manner.  It is the only effective device that lets you inject beneath the skin layers where there are no nerves and therefore no pain.  Small, simple and inexpensive, we are ready to commence clinical trials and then licence our unique, proprietary device, replacing traditional needle and syringe delivery.

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“When my babies were getting their inoculations, I could feel it every time. Ditto for my critters. This looks like nirvana for baby mommies and critter mommies everywhere!”

Lynn Teatro, Social Media Guru, G-ma of Kids, Cats, and Dogs 

“When Kismet developed stomach ulcers as a secondary complication to an emergency spay, she was unable to take oral medications due to vomiting and loss of appetite. I had to drive two hours every day to get her antibiotics injected until the ulcers were treated. The vet offered me the chance to inject her myself, but the dog, even weakened, is a handful and the logistics of safely and correctly giving my dog a needle made me shudder.

I wish the PKA Softtouch MicroNeedle had been available then – it would have saved me so much stress, and my dog could have gotten her medication painlessly, and at home! I really want to see this device on the market. It will do so much good.”

“I invested in the PKA Microneedle because I believe in Dick Crawford. His track record in the pharmaceutical facility development field is remarkable, and I knew that any product he had his hands on was bound to be a winner. Since I first invested eight years ago I’ve watched him work to perfect and patent the Microneedle until it was at the stage where it is today – once the final clinical trials are done, it’s ready for commercialization. I’m proud I got in on this at the ground floor!”

“I’ve watched the PKA SoftTouch teamwork on this fantastic device for some time and I’m so excited that they are close to getting it into the veterinary marketplace. I invested because I know it will succeed. The Microneedle gives pet owners the chance to care for our sick pets and do so without causing them any pain. And, the pet healthcare market in North America alone is huge and is expected to reach $1.3 billion USD by 2024.”

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